Contact center

Via our contact center we offer a service of the entire CRM (Contact Relationship Management). By using the professional Avaya information-communication equipment for Call Center, we are able to be in contact with the market trough different communication channels. The concept of business is based on the flexible outsourcing model.


Telephone sale enables companies to make contact with the existing or potential clients from the prepared data bases. It also can be used as an excellent channel trough which different market researches, surveys, notifications for clients, research of your customer’s satisfaction in relation to your products, etc., can be done.So we are able to offer:- Telemarketing- Market research (telephone survey)- Follow-up calls as a support of direct mailing campaigns- Debt collection (we remind of the expired payment deadlines)- Notifications (informative calls on, for example, delivery time)- Checking arrivals at seminars, meetings and the confirmation of dates

Incoming calls

Good contact with the customer, the possibility that the customer receives the quality information about your product in every moment, makes a claim, places an order, makes his/her own observations – bring a great benefit to your business and the possibility of improving your sale and products. The contact center gives you the possibility to have all those options in one place with all the necessary reports and analyses.
So we are able to offer:
-    Info service
-    Helpdesk (constant help when using products or services)
-    We receive and process orders for catalogue sales
-    We offer support for prize competitions
-    We make reservations for seminars, meetings, etc.
-    We receive and process your fax messages, e-mails and sms

Contact center

•    Avaya IP digital PBX central office
•    Avaya IVR-VP
•    Call recording
•    Redundant server system
•    Computers and other LAN equipment
•    UPS system
•    Full data protection insured